Cockroach Sex Pheromone T-Shirt

One of the most awesome molecules in the universe:
Blattellaquinone (cockroach sex pheromone)

Make and buy your own blattellaquinone molecule t-shirt, hoodie or mug:


North America

Make some milligrams of it and the cockroach party can begin! 
(meaning your place will be swimming in male cockroaches)

In 1993, researchers reported that a German cockroach sex pheromone is located in the
pygidia of virgin females. The isolation and identification of this pheromone proved
difficult, since each insect only has about a nanogram.

It took until 2005 for Nojima et al. to report the identification of the pheromone as gentisyl quinone isovalerate. They combined and extracted the pygidia of about 15,000 virgin female cockroaches, subjected the extracts to a series of chromatographic procedures, and determined which chromatographic fractions contained the pheromone by observing the behavior of male cockroaches in olfactory tubes.

Patty L. Feist
The Synthesis of a Cockroach Pheromone
J. Chem.Ed.
85 (2008) 1548


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