Frequently Asked Questions

A molecule is a group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds.

In order to get you the most molecules (& chemistry) in the most materials and on the most stuff for the best price we had to take that route (or make it a lot more complicated and more expensive, which of course we didn’t want to do). More information about us.

Sure, just write us an email: or tweet at us, or even use facebook (if you have to)

Molecule jewelry & keychains: depending on what you have ordered production takes in between 8 and 15 days, as every piece is made just for you!
Chemistry t-shirts & hoodies: Delivery time is usually 3 to 6 working days.
Chemistry art & stuff:
Once you place your order, you can expect your products in the mail within 4-14 days (USA, Australia) or 2-4 weeks (international)

We ship worldwide!

If you have a big order we will get you a discount. If you are planing to sell our product you better write us an email, because we would love to talk about it with you!

Some molecules are available at Einzelstück – Zürich, Switzerland.
Want to sell our chemistry products?
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Molecule jewelry & keychain:
Within the USA and EU: Nope
Goods shipped outside of the United States or European Union will be described as plastic or metal goods. Combined import duty and tax are typically 5-20% of the total order value. In some cases, an additional brokerage fee may be assessed by the carrier.
Switzerland: orders over CHF 62 (including shipping). Stay below, don’t get taxed!

Chemistry t-shirts & hoodies:

Chemistry art & stuff:
We know that pesky customs charges are the worst, and please trust us when we say that they out of our control, so we are willing to refund any fees you must pay to receive you order.
Simply send us a photo of your customs receipt and we (Society6) would be happy to reimburse you for the charge (up to the total amount of your order).