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Molecule Jewelry, Necklaces & Keychains

Working with Shapeways we provide the world with 3-d printed molecules. There is one factory in New York and another one in Eindhoven (Netherlands). We are the only ones out there providing you with geometrically accurate models of the molecules. Stereochemistry? We’ve got that right!!
Thanks to natures fondness for aromatic and plain ring structures you can simply attach the molecules to hooks for molecular earrings, to a chain for a geeky and sexy necklace or to a split ring for the coolest keychain of all times.

Serotonin, Dopamine, MDMA Molecule Pendants Jewelry or KeychainsSoon you will be able to purchase the necklace chain, earring hooks and split key chain rings with the molecules.
Until then you will have to get them in the local store of your liking.

At the moment we are selling a total of 33 molecules. If you can’t find the molecule you are looking for drop us a message via email or twitter.
We will be happy to add your molecule to the list!

When you are ordering your jewelry you can choose between up to 21 kinds of metal (from steel to gold) and 11 colors of nylon plastic.
Nylon molecules are great for decoration and earrings, whereas we recommend using metal for pendants on necklaces and keychains.

Caffeine Molecule Keychain PendantAfter you have made your order, the molecules you chose will get printed just for you. The printed chemistry will then usually be shipped
to you after 4-15 business days, depending on the material and printer workload. And don’t forget: they are made in the future!

The picture on top shows the 3-d printed molecules serotonin in raw brass, MDMA in stainless steel and dopamine in matte gold steel (front to back). The picture on the left shows caffeine in raw brass.

You can find many more molecules ranging from adrenaline to theobromine in our store:

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