Why We Donate 50% of Our Profits

Let’s be honest, nobody likes ads. We think advertisements really suck. That’s why you will hardly ever see any Molecule Store advertisements. Sure, we would love to tell everybody about our chemistry t-shirts, molecule jewelry, keychains and chemical structure mugs. But we won’t do it with ads.

This is why we need a little help from you. We hope you find our chemistry products both beautiful and meaningful, and will go on and tell all your friends about how scientifically awesome our products are.

We also incorporated an affiliate system, which gives you 10% of each sale we make thanks to your efforts in telling your followers, friends, and family about us! You can apply here.

Because we don’t do a lot of ads, we have more time to make even better and more awesome molecule products.

We will also donate 50% of our profits to projects that help young people to learn and hopefully become kickass scientists one day (that’s what we think a company usually spends on advertisements).

Each January (or March) we will choose a project and write about it on our blog. We are open to suggestions. So, if you know a good project that promotes science, please share it with us via email or twitter.

In the name of science, let’s try this 🙂