Estrogen Molecule Plastic 3D


3D printed estrogen (female sex hormone estradiol) nylon molecule. ♀

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3D printed in nylon (strong & flexible) on demand.
Estimated shipping between Tuesday December 18th and Monday December 24th.

Made in New York USA 🇺🇸¸ or Eindhoven NL 🇳🇱 (whichever is closer to you).
Learn more about how we make our molecules here.

You can use this molecule as a model, talisman, desk toy or pendant on a necklace.

Estrogens (AmE) or oestrogens (BE) are a group of compounds named for their importance in the estrous cycle of humans and other animals. They are the primary female sex hormones. Natural estrogens are steroid hormones, while some synthetic ones are non-steroidal. Their name comes from the Greek words estrus = sexual desire + gen = to generate.

Additional information

Dimensions 5.2 × 1.4 × 2.2 cm
Molecular Weight

272.38 g/mol

Molecular Formula



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