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Molecule Jewelry, Earrings & Keychains

Buy some awesome 3-d printed molecule jewelry that can be used as keychains, pendants on a necklace, earrings or whatever you might find nice!
You can choose between more than 30 molecules and 21 kinds of metal (from steel to gold) and 11 colors of nylon plastic. 3D science, yay 💁

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Molecule T-Shirts, Hoodies & Tank Tops

In our chemistry t-shirt shop you can choose one (or more) of over 150 designs (several chemistry and science themed designs and many, many molecules!) and print it on one of over 150 fashion items ranging from t-shirts to tank tops, hoodies and tote bags. 
Made with science!

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Molecule Shower Curtains, Bags & Mugs

In our arts shop you can order many molecules and chemistry/science themed prints, wall clocks, rugs, tote bags, iPhone cases, pillows, the most awesome shower curtains and beautiful mugs.
You should check them out, because everybody needs a periodic table of elements shower curtain!

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