We are a bit crazy. Crazy for molecules and chemistry. That’s why we have opened the moleculestore in 2011, starting with chemistry t-shirt, hoodies and tank tops and the name chemikershirts (chemicalshirts). Designed in Switzerland, printed all over the world. Since our beginnings we have constantly extended our number of molecules and chemistry designs and products.
To be able to get you as many molecules (and chemistry designs) as possible (169 and counting) at the lowest price and the best quality we have no warehouse, but decided to work with 3 print on demand manufacturers. Shapeways for the 3d printed molecule jewelry and keychains, our friends at Spreadshirt for custom printed molecule and chemistry t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies etc. and Society6 for molecule and science mugs, art prints, beach towels, wall clocks and stuff.
This way we are not only able to bring you a huge range of high quality products but also to manufacture them locally and close to you in Europe and North America (big sorry to the rest of the world).

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